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I gave the 2017 Dansby Lecture in the mathematics department at Morehouse College.

Since the fall of 2015, I’ve served as a mentor for students in the pre-freshman Summer Institute run by the Africana Department at the University of Pennsylvania.

I’ve been working with Dr. Brandon Miller, who teaches at West Philadelphia’s Workshop School (WS), on designing a math modeling class for high school students. Brandon and I hope to build a strong modeling culture at WS, so we can enter modeling competitions such as the SIAM’s Math Modeling Challenge.

I’m on the advisory board for the Black Doctoral Network. I attended the first three annual conferences, where I sat on panels and gave workshops.  I am impressed with the resourcefulness of the people involved and try to assist however I am able to.

I have been a faculty affiliate for the Center of Race and Equity at the University of Pennsylvania since June 2014.

I’m a strong supporter of CAARMS. I’ve attended two meetings and presented research at one of those meetings. Professor Bill Massey has done a fantastic job of providing a platform for and building community amongst African-Americans in the mathematical sciences.

I’m honored to have given talks at two Blackwell–Tapia conferences.  You can see my 2010 talk at Ohio State here and my 2014 talk at UCLA here.

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